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How Are Peshtemals Made?

A peshtemal is a flat and thin piece of woven material, measuring about 170cmx90cm but they do vary in size. Peshtemals are a traditional Turkish handicraft, and they have been made in approximately the same way over the past seven centuries. Traditionally, they were woven by hand using cotton yarn. Today, they are still woven on conventional looms. While the original peshtemals were all made from 100% cotton, today there is more variety. At Love Peshtemal, we offer both the traditional 100% cotton peshtemal and an extra soft peshtemal made from 90% bamboo and 10% cotton.

The loom uses a shuttle to weave vertical and horizontal threads together, creating a tightly-woven cloth. Weaving can incorporate any number of colors and patterns. Since Ottoman ladies began creating more intricate designs, peshtemals have been made in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns. A traditional peshtemal might be a light cream color with a couple of rows of stripes. Love Peshtemal also has Turkish peshtemals in many colors. You may prefer a peshtemal in a solid color or one that is full of colorful stripes. All of these different colors and patterns are woven directly into the fabric on the loom. The versatility of the peshtemal means that it can match any design or style.

Most peshtemals are also made with a fringe around the edge. The fringe is made from the ends of the threads of yarn that make up the peshtemal. Twisting these threads together into a fringe is the natural way of keeping all the threads together so there is no risk of the peshtemal unraveling. They also add a beautiful stylish touch to the ends of the Turkish towel.

The methods of producing peshtemals have been practiced for hundreds of years. The peshtemal of today is remarkably similar to that used by Ottoman royal ladies in the 17th century, or by visitors to the Turkish baths in the 15th century. These long-established weaving techniques ensure that a peshtemal from Love Peshtemal is of the highest quality and connects it to a long cultural history.

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