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What Is a Peshtemal?

A peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel, also sometimes called a Turkish towel, Fouta, or Hamam Towel. Peshtemals were originally used in Turkish baths and are now used by people all over the world. Traditionally, they were made by hand on looms by Turkish women in the Aegean and Black Sea regions. Peshtemals are different from other towels in a couple of key ways. They are made with high quality cotton, which makes them lighter and thinner than thick terrycloth towels. Turkish towels have a unique soft texture making it prefect for drying the skin. The thin material also makes the peshtemal lightweight and compact. At Love Peshtemal, we offer peshtemals made from 100% cotton and another design made from 90% bamboo and 10% cotton for extra softness.

The light and quick-drying material of peshtemals makes them the perfect travel companion. They are far lighter than normal towels and can easily be carried along to the gym, to yoga classes, on a boating trip, to the beach, or anywhere else you need to go. They’re wonderfully soft and bright blankets to lie on at the beach or to use as your workout surface. When you’re ready to head home, you can use it to dry yourself off and quickly store it away back in your bag. A peshtemal is perfect for backpackers and travellers. It will easily fit in your pack without taking up a lot of space or weight, and you can use it to stay clean and dry at hostels without having to pay for heavily used towels. A peshtemal is the smart way to stay dry without weighing you down.

Peshtemals have become extremely popular due to their versatility. They look beautiful around the home as a decorative throw, light blanket, or table covering. They can add a splash of color to any room. They’ve also become an essential fashion item for the summer. They’re perfect to use as a beach wrap, bathing suit cover, or sarong. The soft cotton of a peshtemal means that it will be more comfortable and hold up better than traditional beach wraps. Peshtemals from Love are of high quality and also come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. Once you see the gorgeous brights and feel the rich textured weave of the peshtemal, you’ll likely want to get one in every color.

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